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I'm a Florida based artist, originally from Northern Jersey. From a young age I loved to create and challenge myself artistically and chose the profession of architectural design of retail stores, which evolved into creating through my own business, with a partner, in construction and design for commercial spaces.


I left that and became a full time mold creator in 2020 and have come back to resin art the middle of last year in 2023 after creating new art incorporating Holographic Effects into my pieces which I have not seen done before. This technique incorporates my art with light refraction changes as the light changes from filtered natural light to manufactured lighting (day to night), using this technique gives movement and explosions of color to each piece. With the changing of the light the art also changes, which is very unique to this style of art.

I'm also working on new Water Art which has just been released. My love of the water has drawn me to also create art that replicates the water, creating with resin allows the light to filter through each piece as if dancing off the sandy bottom below which creates a soothing feeling for me as if sitting by the waters when I can't be there.

There may also be video's of each piece on Instagram and Facebook at "IvyLePourArt" or on Instagram at "LePourArt"

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