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Ice River - Holographic Light Refracting Resin Art mounted on black plexiglass with stainless mounting pins included. Overall size approximately 20 1/2" high by 13 1/4" wide. This piece is created with a blend of colors having a shimmer effect in the pigments, a touch of glitter, whisps of gold, illuminated with a holographic effect that changes with the light. This piece illuminates accents of a wide array of colors within the holographic area. These are beautiful when they capture light by a window or with interior LED lighting.

This resin sculpture has been made by hand Therefore, small imperfections may exist.

Photos are taken under different lighting to show the changes in the holographic light refraction that occur. The backside of the plexiglass is etched with logo and signed.

Resin can be difficult to photograph to show the shimmer, glitter and depth of each piece. I do my best to capture each piece but more can be seen in person than through photography with resin.

Mounting pins are 3/4" wide x 1" deep

* Request a video to see the full details of this piece or go to Instagram "LePourArt" to see video and further details of this piece.

Ice River - Holographic

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